Purposes of Wings of Hope Widows Ministry:

  • To provide a relaxed comfortable atmosphere where widows can minister to each other creating a healing process.
  • To provide prayer partners and spiritual menotrs for widows.
  • To assist in re-entering the community as a new widow.
  • To promote fellowships, friendships, and fun for widows.


Wings of Hope Widows Ministry goal is:

  • To encourage and assist women to formulate a widow's organization called Wings of Hope within their own communities.
  • To encourage churches to organize their own Widowed Persons Ministry.
  • To encourage communities to be involved in widow's ministries.
  • To extend the cause of Christ through Widows' Ministry.

What are Wings of Hope Chapters?

Chapters are non-denominational groups of women who have lost their husbands through death, divorce, desertion, or imprisonment and women who sense a calling to assist with widows' ministries.


Chapters are developed by community leaders who organize women within their local geographic area.  Would you like to organize a local chapter?  Use the contact page to get more information.


We can also help by coming into a church to help develop a widowed persons ministry through encouragement, education, equipping, and evaluating using scripture as a basis.   The church will then have an organized program to minister to a remaining spouse in the event of the loss.  This gives hope to the church member in their time of need!


How can you get involved??

Use the contact page to ask any questions you might have in the development of either a Wings of Hope Chapter (for widows) or a Widowed Person's Ministry (for both widows and widowers).



"Widows In Need Giving Service"

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